Honda’s Self-Driving Car To Hit Market in the Next Decade

Honda is striving hard to withstand in the market by developing various types of automobiles. They have developed a concept car, battery powered car, etc. The company was in partnership with Wayne. Honda has recently announced the arrival of an entirely self-driving car in the year 2025. Co-presenter of motoring programmer james may talks about the fascinating first self-driving car on the road. You can also visit the website to know more about a self-driving car.

The article talks about the features to be included in the self-driving vehicle. It also shares about the issues their engineers will be facing in designing a self-driving car.

First Self-Driving Car
The Honda’s self-driving car is designed so that it suits for personal use. This will be the first car to be released which is completely automatic and suitable for personal use. There were previous automatic vehicles available in the market. They are the robot taxis and automatic shuttles which were used as public transport. The car to be designed by Honda is intended for personal use. It would be the first car to be bought by regular car buyers.

The company has set the goal to develop a self-driving car which matches the level 4 autonomous vehicle. This definition is used to control the entire journey. The company will try to attain the level 3 capabilities by 2020. The prototype of the level4 autonomous vehicle was showcased in a course in Japan. The prototypes were capable of demonstrating how the sensor works and the workings of the multiple cameras. It also showcased the working of the several radar units provided.

The company develops an automatic driving system. This system is suitable for urban driving where the use of omits radar is supported with cameras. The deep learning system developed by Honda is capable of analysing the images captured by the cameras. The system can also respond to any road scenarios or situations. It can also manage roads that are with improper lane markings.

The company has decided to use lidar sensors which are suitable for certain scenarios. The lidar sensor is nothing but a laser beam which is used to measure ranges and identify objects. Honda strives hard to design the vehicle so that it responds to the complex scenarios and driving tasks. The company is also extending it research on the role of AI and deep learning system to handle unexpected driving tasks.

Issues Faced
The company is lagging behind in developing an autonomous car. Honda ranked 15th in the list of companies who are developing self-driving cars. The struggle to develop an autonomous car has led them to enter into a partnership with Waymo. A memorandum of understanding was signed with Waymo the year 2016 to work together in developing a self-driving car. Waymo is not going to share its automation system with Honda but it has accepted to provide the base vehicle that the company used for mobility.

The above are the features and technologies to be included in the self-driving car to be designed by Honda.

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