Garmin Watch – Which Model Works For You?

The GPS sports watches are the most sought after gadgets today and Garmin has a whole range of them. You need to know which to buy for yourself. There are watches for every kind of runner out there, starting from a novice to a triathlon runner with features according to the type of watch you select. There are also GPS watches that track multiple sports, apart from running such as riding a bike or swimming. For example Bia Multisport GPS Watch. Check them out if you’re interested in tracking multiple activities. For some great information on equipment related to running, the latest and best, check out
Garmin Watches For The Novice –Garmin Forerunner 35
This are the low-end models, for ones who just started taking to running, from, say being a couch potato to about 5k runners. The data delivered to you isn’t too complicated and includes – time, distance, calories, pace, activity tracking. It is priced at $199.99.
Garmin Vivosmart/ Vivosmart HR+ – A Fitness Band Hybrid
It is sleek, very popular, it does a whole bunch of things apart from the basic functions listed in Forerunner 35. It has an optical HR sensor and GPS for track running and gym besides providing notifications based on your activities or the lack of it. Vivosmart HR+ can be worn all day because of its sleek design, it looks good and feels comfortable on your wrist, it is very light.
Garmin Forerunner 630 – For The Marathon Beginner
This is a good choice for that slightly serious runner who wants indulge in a marathon to step up a notch in his/ her running regimen. These mid-range watches enter into a slight coach mode, egging you on with a little more data to inspire you to greater heights improve on your running precision. It measures the length of a stride, a performance condition score among other metrics to improve efficiency in newer areas that you probably had no clue about. The cool features include advanced metrics, long battery life, heart rate monitoring data and smart-watch features.
The Garmin Forerunner 230 And Forerunner 235
These are very similar mid-range models. They are both attractive and sleek models, all the above running data is available in them.
The Garmin 910XT, 920 XT And 735XT –A Triathlete’s Delight
These models track multiple activities that include running, swimming and cycling and is a delight for fitness freaks indulging in these sports. 920 XT has great battery life. They all have superior metrics to analyze and improve upon performance. These are higher end models ranged at around $450.
The Garmin Fenix 3 HR – Another Sleek And Smart Multi-Sport Model
These watches are in for some serious business. The Forerunner is for a normal jogger while this is for the passionate one, who is constantly challenging himself/ herself to the limits for those super runners and race enthusiasts. The Fenix 3 Chronos is all this and more, its design is suited to go with your formal wear and is all about style. So it’s both power packed and luxury integrated into one watch. Features include multi sport, long life battery, VO2Max, heart rate, compass, recovery, cadence and vertical oscillation.
With this many to choose from, you sure can find a Garmin watch that goes well with your requirement and budget. Happy buying!